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Hochoka Retreat Center works with children, youth and young adults who have experienced hardship in life, be it from no parental involvement due to being taken out of the home and placed in custody of government programs; from grand-parents raising children which creates a huge set of generational issues; to working with veterans (and other affiliations) with PTSD; or working with anyone with life issues.

Hochoka’s main program is Healing with Horses. This program encompasses many facets of working with humans, such as: fear; anger; conflict; conflict resolution; emotional intelligence; wellness and prevention; stress management strategies and relaxation techniques. The horse modality IS NOT therapeutic riding. This program is curriculum based and produces behavioral modifications.

These children, youth and young adults have lost trust and faith, most often as a result of a breach of trust, caused by another human being. Modalities of helping (main stream therapies) are often non-effective.

The Healing with Horses program works well because the horses gain the trust and empower the child, creating a love bond that was broken previously. The natural environment works well because most of these children live in a box – a school room, their bedroom, television, computer or electronic game “box”. In nature they gain a sense of freedom, something they have rarely felt. Their growth occurs outside the “box”.

The Tiny House Project has risen out of the Farm’s desire to further help the people who have “aged out” of government services, people that have not been sufficiently taught to work, have proper life skills, or to sustain themselves. Those that will be living in these tiny houses should also be able, at some point, be a part of the building process so as to inspire and teach.

The research has been done to include building plans, materials lists, and costs for small model(s). These items can be shared with anyone interested. The concept includes getting as many churches, veterans associations, government agencies and educational institutions to include any curriculum that has construction elements included.

Implementing this Tiny House Project will start to solve a major issue in today’s society, which is homelessness, while assisting young adults in becoming contributing members of society.

Organizations involved include Hochoka, who will offer land for the house(s) to “live on”. It will also include engineers from Bethel Colony of Mercy, a non-profit men’s ministry, which will soon include a women’s ministry as well. Private individuals who will offer supplies and expertise will be involved also.

I am happy to meet with anyone to discuss further details, and am open to other collaborative ideas.

Thank you for your time in considering this project as something very avant-garde to bring forth into our society; as it is badly needed for young adults who have nothing.

May God Bless all that we do!