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After graduating from Lenoir Rhyne College in North Carolina, Kimberly explored her dreams and aspirations and she realized she wanted to help people strengthen their health, heal and sooth their minds and discover happiness.

Kimberly was fascinated by the interaction of the human body and mind. She was intrigued by the healing relationship between the two. She also had a deep abiding love of nature and animals.

Kimberly moved to Florida to pursue graduate studies at the Fitness Institute in Boca Raton in Wellness programming, exercise and nutrition. It was here she was introduced to the innate wisdom of the healing power of the horse as she worked with handicapped riders. She then launched Life Management, Inc. in 1994. Through Life Management, Kimberly contracted with health clubs and corporations to provide a unique combination of wellness and training programs. Along the way she added fitness, stress-reduction, pain release therapy such as myofascial release work, and self-growth programs.

All the while, the idea of Hochoka continued to grow in Kimberly’s heart. Kimberly took the necessary steps towards making her dream come true – developing Hochoka, a center for wellness, with her horses and nature as catalyst for self-growth. Kimberly has also studied with other local and regional experts and organizations. Kimberly collaborated with licensed social workers and mental health professionals and other health organizations offering the HWH program.

Wherever Kimberly goes, she spreads a healing energy, a sense of purpose and an infectious enthusiasm.